Chairman’s Message
Chairman’s Message

As part of the Board of Directors at TANACHIRA Group for some years now, I am confident in the strength of this Company, and I believe the Company is in an excellent position to transcend mere profitable growth by excelling to become the regional leader in the lifestyle industry, especially as a result of our structural evolution and the diversification of our brands. Just as important as the growth of the Company is the inclusiveness of each individual brand, and how each brand has become essential to everyday life. This makes possible TANACHIRA Group’s sustainability and longevity, as we continue to effectively deliver our brands to society and our stakeholders with integrity and transparency.

MR. Kittipol Pramoj Na Ayudhya
Chairman’s Message
CEO’s Message

To continually innovate and evolve as a company, we consistently attract, develop and retain dedicated and skilled talents who work passionately with a sense of meaningful purpose. We achieve this by offering our employees a professional culture of responsibility, accountability and respect, one in which every member of the team has the opportunity to excel and develop according to their full potential. One of my utmost priorities as CEO is to stimulate an entrepreneurial spirit and an environment in which employees can attain their highest capabilities.

One of our ongoing achievements is the merging of retail experience into lifestyle, making it essential to everyday life. The strength that lies within the core of TANACHIRA Group includes retail operational excellence; a solid understanding of bringing the best of the brands to the best of Thailand when deciding on merchandise selection, having complete 360-degree knowledge of the retail system and marketing best practices; a fundamental approach that allows us to be resilient through the lifestyle and fashion industry that has evolved from traditional brick-and-mortar stores to integrated digital and physical channels.

With years of expertise in the lifestyle and fashion sector, along with our dedicated and committed employees, I am confident that we are bringing the company to the regional level with our growing presence in China, Singapore, Vietnam, and Japan.

Mr. Tanapong Chirapanidchakul
Chief Executive Officer