Under basic ethical principles, the Group of Companies has a policy to conduct business in the area of corporate social responsibility (Corporate Social Responsibility: CSR), to ensure that all stakeholders are treated fairly.

As well as using good corporate governance concepts as a guideline to keep the operations in balance, this includes contributing to the enhancement of one's quality of life. In terms of employment generation as well as economic, community, social, and environmental factors. Supporting education, the arts, and culture, as well as the health and safety of the community's residents, as well as the participation of the group's stakeholders. which will result in the creation of a successful.

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy


The Group of Companies places importance on employees, we will not support illegal labor in producing products for all brands, such as the Marimekko brand, who emphasize great importance on labor which must not be produced by using illegal labor.

Generate Employment

The Group of Companies is committed to generating employment opportunities and revenue for Thai agriculture by supporting sources local raw materials from Thai farmers, such as rice bran oil, coconut oil, and palm oil, among other things, to use in products under the Harnn brand.

Social Projects

Donation activities under the project "Baan Ping Pak", a breast cancer care center

The company introduces the “HARNN for Her” a collection of skin care products, which includes four items in total: shower gel, body balm, hand balm, and rice bran oil soap. All of the products have a light rose fragrance, comprising a fabric purse adorned with a pink ribbon design which is a sign of breast cancer. Join in giving to raise money for the "Baan Ping Pak" project, a center for caring for underprivileged, end-stage breast cancer patients without pursuing outcomes. All profits are going toward funding it without any deductions for costs.


The Group of Companies created Aromatic Charms, a bag of natural scents, as part of the Scent of Journey collection, which is sold under the Vuudh brand. The Group donated 20% of the sales proceeds from this collection's products to support scholarships for higher education. To construct a future under the royal patronage of Her Majesty the Queen for the children of the SOS Children's Foundation of Thailand