Leading dynamic regional fashion lifestyle retailer that deliver exceptional customer’s experience and create long term sustainable value to all


To Customers

Offering what customers must have that will enhance their good quality lifestyle via exceptional omni channel shopping experience

To Employee

Empowering our colleagues to go beyond their potential, to improve productivity based on entrepreneurial spirit and to practice corporate values such that their quality of life can be enhanced and sustained

To Shareholders

Providing Shareholders with good return and long term sustainable value creation

To Society

Operating business under social responsiveness and environmental awareness in all actions and all countries that TANACHIRA undertakes

To All

Embedding good governance while seek for new business opportunities to drive sustainable long term value to all of our stakeholders

Core Values


In spirit of open - minded to cooperate in every action with helping hands without any hesitation.


Flexible and be able to respond to changes, knowing when to adapt to the different culture of work and be able to change without losing the vision towards the end goal.


Respectful and humble towards yourself and others. Be yourself and be honest with those around you.


Sticking with the Future success, day in day out and work really hard to make that Future a Reality.


Transparent and verifiable, knows the right to act.

Company Group Stucture

As of 31 March 2024
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As of 31 March 2024

No. Company Name Business operations Country Year Established
1 Tanachira Retail Corporation Public Company Limited Import and distribute Pandora products and operate restaurants under Gordon Ramsay group of brands Thailand 2010
2 Tatler Company Limited ("TAT") Import and distribute products under the Cath Kidston and UNITED ARROWS brand in Thailand Thailand 2011
3 Tanachira Home Company Limited (“TRH”) Import and distribute products under the Marimekko and GANNI brand in Thailand. Thailand 2015
4 HARNN Global Company Limited (“HG”) Produce and distribute products and spa services under the HARNN brand group in Thailand and abroad. Thailand 2018
5 HARNN Heritage PTE Company Limited ("HH") Trademark licensor to HARNN Global Company Limited Singapore 2018
6 Tanachira Vietnam Company Limited (“TRGV”) Import and distribute products under the Cath Kidston and HARNN brand in Vietnam. Vietnam 2019
7 HARNN Japan Company Limited (“HJ”) Produce and distribute products under the HARNN brand group in Japan. Japan 2020
8 HARNN Harmony Company Limited (“HA”) Sell digital tokens both domestically and abroad. Thailand 2023
9 Tanachira SEA PTE. Limited (“TRGS”) Distributing Marimekko and HARNN products in Singapore. Singapore 2023

Our Milestones

The company was founded to import and distribute lifestyle fashion products. We have also expanded into the spa and restaurant and beverage businesses to complement our lifestyle product business, increase opportunities for future business expansion, and become a regional lifestyle company.

  • Opened first Cath Kidston Tearoom at Central World
  • Established HARNN Harmony, selling digital tokens both domestically and internationally. Currently, still in developing process.
  • Established Tanachira SEA in Singapore as distribution agent for Marimekko and HARNN brands.
  • The Company's general meeting of shareholders on March 30, 2023 passed the followings:
    • Increased registered capital by 162.5 million baht, resulting in an increase in registered capital from 60.0 million baht to 222.5 million baht by issuing 1,625,000 additional common shares with a par value of 100.0 baht per share, resulting in the number of the company's common shares increasing from 600,000 shares to 2,225,000 shares. The Company registered the increase in paid-up capital on April 4, 2023.
    • Approved the change in the par value of the Company's common shares. From the original 100.0 baht per share to 1.0 baht per share, an additional registered capital was increased by 77.5 million baht, resulting in the company's registered capital increasing from 222.5 million baht to 300.0 million baht and the transformation of the company from a limited company to a public limited company. The company has registered the change from a limited company to a public limited company and registered an additional capital increase on April 5, 2023.
  • The Company has been granted the right to manage restaurants in the Gordon Ramsay chain for a period of 10 years, consisting of: 1.Gordon Ramsay Hell's Kitchen 2.Street Burger Gordon Ramsay 3.Street Pizza Gordon Ramsay and 4.Bread Street Kitchen
  • The company has registered an increase in paid-up capital, increasing from 222.5 million baht to 300.00 million baht on October 16, 2023.
  • The company listed its shares for trading on the Stock Exchange of Thailand for the first time on October 18, 2023 in the service industry group. Commercial business category
  • The company has entered into a temporary contract to be a distributor for the GANNI brand, effective from December 15, 2023, to October 31, 2024. (We are in the process of finalizing a permanent contract. Once completed, an appointment as a permanent distributor will be confirmed)
  • Launched the first Marimekko pop-up café in Thailand. At the Central Embassy Shopping Center, which is an invasion of the food and beverage business (Food & Beverage) to complement the lifestyle trends more completely.
  • Expanded HARNN business by starting to provide spa business services under the HARNN Wellness & Hospitality group, which consists of 4 main brands: 1.HARNN Heritage 2.The Spa by HARNN 3.By HARNN and 4.SCape by HARNN.
  • Started online platform in China to expand the customer base and build brand awarenes for HARNN and Vuudh products.
  • Established HARNN Japan to distribute HARNN and Vuudh in Japan at Takashimaya Nihonbashi, Hankyu Umeda and Takashimaya Yokohama.
  • Started another online platform in China, T-MALL for selling HARNN and Vuudh
  • Established Tanachira Vietnam to distribute Cath Kidston brand products in Ho Chi Minh City. Vietnam Including starting to sell through Cath Kidston brand products through online channels, including Shopee.
  • Acquired the HARNN, expanding into the health and beauty business.
  • Acquired the Cath Kidston brand, a lifestyle brand from England. Outstanding with a unique print pattern in a modern vintage style. As a result, the group of companies Received exclusive rights to sell Cath Kidston brand products in Thailand (Exclusive Distributorship)
  • Strengthen the brand portfolio by importing and selling Marimekko brand products, a lifestyle product brand from Finland. which is unique in terms of prints and colors.
  • Increased registered capital from 2.0 million baht to 22.0 million baht, divided into 220,000 common shares, valued at 100.0 baht per share, to be used as working capital for business operations and branch expansion
2011 - 2012
  • Opened the first Pandora branch at Siam Paragon Department Store and continuously expanded Pandora branches to 10 branches, most of which are located in city centers and tourist attractions.
  • Founded by Mr. Tanapong Chirapanidchakul, he started Tanachira Retail Corporation Co., Ltd. to import and sell Pandora products, which is a leading jewelry brand from Denmark.