Sustainability at Glance

Tanachira is dedicated to conducting business in accordance with excellent corporate governance. The organization's long-term viability is the ultimate goal. By increasing shareholder confidence through transparent and efficient operations by directors, executives, and staff.

Sustainability Development Policy

Create economic value with quality products. Adhere to the principles of corporate governance.

The group of companies is dedicated to adding value to the company. It's not simply about increasing profits, but also monitors business activities to ensure they are transparent, fair, and verifiable Under the concepts of good corporate governance and risk management, as well as supplying quality products with an environmentally friendly manufacturing process. This results in high-quality products that are good for customers, the environment, and the community.

Social Responsibility

The group of companies follows moral business practices and social responsibility as outlined in the policy

Excellent staff

Employees are critical to the success of any company. As a result, the group prioritizes human resource development with growth training and work potential knowledge to boost competitiveness in order to stay up to date. This includes following ethical work standards and respecting human rights, along with fostering positive relationships among employees, directors and executives, to be a goal-sharing and goal-achieving company.

Environmental protection for long-term cohabitation

The group of companies conduct business with an understanding of the need of natural resource conservation and effective resource usage, such as product design and packaging made from ecologically friendly materials. Including the group of firms' assistance for the organization of activities that help to the promotion of the environment and the conservation of natural resources, among other things. Increase awareness among the company's staff. When resources are used intelligently, they are efficient, appropriate, and sufficient, resulting in maximum advantage. To achieve the goal of environmental preservation, sustainable growth and coexistence.