PANDORA Creates Impressive Moments, Defining Jewelry Reflecting Identity. Hosts Exclusive Styling Event with "Nanon Korapat"

26 January 2024

Pandora, the leading Danish jewelry and accessory brand, under the management of TANACHIRA Group, organized the event 'PANDORA EXCLUSIVE STYLING MOMENT WITH NANON'. Nanon Korapat, a rising actor, joined the Mix & Match of the new collection to welcome the year 2024, expressing individuality through "Pandora Moments" and "Pandora Me". The event invited 20 PANDORA Lovers to create memorable moments and style jewelry with Nanon Korapat up close at the Pandora Concept Store, centralwOrld.

Explore the latest collection of the year 2024 now available at Pandora Concept Store with a total of 47 branches nationwide.