TANACHIRA Group warmly welcomes Hannah Olala, a renowned Vietnamese beauty blogger

25 June 2024

Tanachira Retail Corporation Public Company Limited, led by Mr. Tanapong Chirapanidchakul CEO, along with the company's management team, including Mr. Dennis Tuan Huy TANACHIRA Vietnam Country Manager, Mr. Sunchai Nilsongglod Business Development Director, and Ms. Natkamonruk Waijawudhikamolkorn Commercial Development & Merchandising Director, warmly welcomed Hannah, a top Vietnamese beauty blogger with over 1 million followers, during her visit to Thailand.

During the visit, Hannah expressed her keen interest and admiration for HARNN, a lifestyle beauty brand under the management of TANACHIRA Group. Having previously collaborated on two Live Streaming events in Vietnam, Hannah's presence reflects TANACHIRA Group's understanding of localized marketing strategies, which have been instrumental in HARNN's positive reception among Vietnamese customers from the outset. This collaboration serves as another strategic step in propelling HARNN brand towards sustainable global recognition.

TANACHIRA Group adheres to a work philosophy that prioritizes the development of products and services to deliver the best possible offerings to customers. This unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction serves as the cornerstone of the company's long-term success.