HARNN Launches "Black Tea & Sage Collection"

19 March 2024

HARNN, a leading Thai brand and pioneer in organic body care, skin care, spa products and aromatherapy, under the management of TANACHIRA Group, reveals the key to healthy skin with the launch of its latest body care collection, "Black Tea & Sage ". This collection is enriched with nourishing properties for long-term healthy skin, ready to fight against pollution and external factors such as sunlight and various pollutants, making it strong again and providing a deep, relaxing fragrance for every moment of skin care routine.

HARNN "Black Tea & Sage Collection" consists of 6 products in total, allowing you to choose the perfect ones to pamper your skin for a complete beauty routine. Pamper your body with HARNN Black Tea & Sage Collection at all HARNN stores and online stores at: www.harnn.com

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